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Like many people in the aviation industry, you have specialist skills!

At Av Insure we have a true understanding of the aviation industry because we are in the industry ourselves. We can provide you with a clear explanation of the aviation specific insurances and how your existing union or industry funds align with income protection and other types of life insurance.

So should you be unable to perform your duties due to sickness or injury, it is our role to make sure you are not forced to fall back on your singing or golfing career.



How do these insurances fit with Loss of Licence cover?
Trudy Kattwinkel is a Financial Planner, specialising in Income Protection Insurance. Trudy is the director of Av Insure Pty Ltd an Authorised Representative of Synchronised Business Services Pty Ltd, the Financial Services Licence holder.

Trudy Kattwinkel, AR No. 401434 & Av Insure Pty Ltd AR No. 401433 are Authorised Representative of Synchronised Business Services Pty Ltd AFSL No. 243313.