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Income protection insurance protects your ability to earn an income should you suffer sickness or injury. This is recommended for anyone who has a family, debt and/or an insufficient amount of spare cash to see you through an unforseen period of illness injury.

As cabin crew working for an airline your sick leave should provide some level of cover for the immediate short term. But what happens if you are unable to work for 6 or 12 months or find that the stress of flying is no longer possible and you need to find something with your feet firmly on the ground.

You will need expert advice to ensure that you are not forced to work in ‘any’ job and are covered for up to 5 years earning 75% of your current income in your ‘own’ occupation.

Av Insure Pty Ltd is a Financial Planning agency who will ensure your income protection will include the following:

  • Payment of a monthly benefit of 75% of your gross income
  • Benefit period of up either 2 or 5 years based on ‘own occupation’ definition
  • Minimum waiting period of 60 days
  • Choice of Agreed Value or Indemnity

Importantly, Av Insure Pty Ltd also offers budget planning and support to not only make your income go further today, but ensure that you plan ahead for the future if you are planning a long holiday, work part time or a rotating roster or possibly even maternity leave at some point down the track. We can help by making sure you have the funds to enjoy it.

Income protection does not cover your salary in cases of a normal pregnancy and childbirth and you will need to plan ahead.


  • Australian citizen residing permanently in Australia
  • Employed by a recognised fixed schedule commercial fare paying passenger airline operating within Australia
  • Maximum 5 year benefit period
  • Minimum entry age 20 (next birthday)
  • Maximum entry age 55 (next birthday)
  • Expiry age 60 (maximum five year policy duration)